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 As Mid September gets closer and closer more and more info about the new Apple iPhone ‘s is been leaked Designs, Colours Shape size and so on. Which one is the current iPhone 8 Who Knows? But we are sure excited and cant wait.

We have started our Sample Production of the New iPhone 8 Leather cases already and we are hoping to shipment before the launch to Pre-Ordered customers. We believe the iPhone 8 will be a Great device and a Flagship phone for Apple.

The Rumours about the screen size and the dimensions excites us more its almost the same screen size as the iPhone 7 Plus But Small Device having Big Screen is always useful and now in a small dimension! makes it even better.

Coming Weeks we will be updating our site with our designs of iPhone 8 Leather cases keep tuned we will have new exciting designs coming up specially the Wallet Style iPhone 8 Leather Case and also the Back cover with Leather wallet Style. 

Here are few Articles we found on the internet about the iPhone 8 which we found interesting

Here is an article from
article by Jim Edwards

For iPhone 8 to succeed, Apple must buck history

  • The global smartphone market has stopped growing.
  • Today, 50% of all smartphones sold on the Planet Earth cost less than $200.
  • But Apple is boxed-in to the high-end of the market. Its phones cost at least three times that.
  • For iPhone 8 to be a success, Apple must do something it has only ever done once before: Grow sales faster than the market as a whole and take market share from other companies.

Everyone is hoping that Apple’s next iPhone — “iPhone 8,” allegedly — will be awesome. But it’s not until you see these charts from analyst Sherri Scribner and her team at Deutsche Bank that you realise just how high the mountain is that Apple must climb with the upcoming launch, scheduled for September.

For iPhone 8 to be regarded as a success, Apple must do something it has only ever done once before: Grow its sales faster than the market as a whole and take market share from other companies.

Historically, Apple’s phones have only ever sold to about 15% of all users globally. They are expensive, and Apple has creamed off the high-end users and the profits that go with them.

That has not been a problem — until the last year or so. When the market was growing Apple got 15% of that growth and grew with the market. Now, however, the market has stopped growing. Everyone who wants a phone now has one. So Apple has a different sales problem in front of it than the one it is used to.

These charts illustrate how Apple is boxed-in at a price-point in the market that may make iPhone 8 look like a failure.

Half of all phones sold are priced at $200 or less, globally. About 85% of all phones are under $500.

Here is an article from
article by Gordon Kelly

iPhone 8 Exclusive: Apple’s Design Causes A Problem

In recent weeks I have been able to obtain exclusive iPhone 8 renders and information on Apple's AAPL -3.59% biggest design changes, but now I can reveal they do cause one negative side effect… 

Working again with Nodus and leakers within Apple’s supply chain, I have learned the iPhone 8 design will limit the color configurations available to customers. This is because Apple is determined to leave the front of the iPhone 8 black to downplay its controversial ‘cut-out’ top bezel and will result in a limited number of monochrome options at launch:

Black, Jet Black and White (potentially silver) will be the three choices compared to six variants – black, jet black, silver, gold, rose gold and (Product)red – currently available with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The good news? While gold and rose gold have proven highly popular in recent years, the iPhone 8’s limitation does leave the door open to a future (Product)Red edition with black front. This is a combination many users would seemingly prefer after the backlash to the white front Apple chose with the (Product)Red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Furthermore what I’m hearing ties in with a report by KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo (famously dubbed “the best Apple analyst on the planet”) earlier this month. Kuo said fewer iPhone 8 colors would be available at launch, citing a “boutique image” as Apple’s reasoning behind it.

Now the reality seems to be less ‘boutique’ and more practicality, especially if Apple hopes to use the iPhone 8’s new OLED display to camouflage the top bezel cut-out with a permanent black status bar as Nodus and I illustrated last week.

Of course, while I see the cut-out as causing Apple a design problem, there’s every chance that customers will actually react positively to the restrictions and embrace the ‘boutique’ notion. If not it will bring a boom to the niche market of custom finishes (currently dominated by ColorWare).

All the while Apple simplifies its supply chain, something it desperately needs right now.

In fact, the only snag that may arise from such a limited palette of iPhone 8 options is if it makes potential customers less likely to pay the substantially increased asking price for a black or gray smartphone. But based on all the feature upgrades, I doubt it.


Apple Accidentally ‘Confirms’ iPhone 8 Is Massive

Apple AAPL -3.59% is supersizing the iPhone. Numerous case leaks, schematicsand dummy units all point to a 1.1-inch jump from the iPhone 7’s 4.7-inch display to 5.8-inches. But now Apple’s own software has confirmed this…

Like so many of the major next generation iPhone, Watch 3 and Apple TV 4Kleaks, this information again stems from Apple’s own HomePod beta code which it accidentally shipped full of product roadmap information. And like so many of these leaks, developer Steve Troughton-Smith is the one who has uncovered it.

Nodus and Gordon Kelly

The iPhone 8’s radical new display has now been confirmed by Apple itself

In a new tweet Troughton-Smith revealed he had extracted the exact metrics (screen points not pixels) stating: “These are the metrics used by the status bar on the edge-to-edge iPhone, including notch height and ear width.”


These measurements are finally precise enough for software designers, as opposed to the (relatively) greater flexibility afforded to case makers, leading Troughton-Smith to declare: “Designers, have fun”. Furthermore this is the first formal confirmation direct from Apple that the iPhone 8 will deliver a massively increased display compared to the iPhone 7.

Benjamin Geskin

iPhone 8 images tweaked to feature the exact display dimensions


In fact the iPhone 8 display will be the largest smartphone display Apple has ever made, larger even than the 5.5-inch display in the iPhone 7 Plus. Despite this it will be physically closer to the smaller model, that’s quite some achievement. It also suggests that if Apple were to release an edge-to-edge iPhone Plus model in future that display could be close to 7-inches!

There is one extra positive knock-on effect from Troughton-Smith’s discovery as well: it shows the existing leaks about the iPhone 8 appear to be spot on. Specifically this not only verifies the design exclusive I delivered last month, but also suggests we should pay close attention to the huge 25 feature leak that followed equally seriously.

Of course questions will remain over whether Apple has overpriced the iPhone 8, whether it is wise to kill off Touch ID and whether it will be hurt by the drastic stock shortages at launch? But what we can now look forward to with full confidence is the biggest redesign in iPhone history.

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